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Home Sale / Yard Staging

Curb appeal is as important of a factor to selling your home as the home itself. The first thing a potential buyer sees is your yard and you want it to leave a great first impression.

  • Discolored Surfaces

    Pressure washing walkways, decks/patios and driveways can be positive in many ways; from a brighter look to safety concerns, cleaning up surfaces can increase the life of the surface and give it a nice clean look.

  • Overgrown Trees & Shrubs

    Trimming overgrown trees and shrubs can create light hinderances within the house, make the house appear smaller overall and can block views out of windows.

  • Untidy Lawn Beds

    Controlling weeds, spreading bark dust and edging the lawn will create a clean and finished look in your yard.

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A common perception is that if your house is not in the best shape outside, it may reflect on the inside as well. Our free analysis will give you options from items that needed to be attended to more so than others. We will consider your budget throughout the process and give recommendations based on your wants/needs.

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